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Dental Implant Treatment

Its roots can be traced back to  the ancient Mayans, but Dental Implant Treatment is still changing lives today.



The Advantage of Overdentures

Prevent bone loss, eat your favorite foods, regain your self-confidence - the advantages of implant treatment can be a life changing experience.



Conventional Dentures vs. InPlace

Discover how the benefits of InPlace treatment options can help you improve your quality of life and enjoy having teeth again.


Types of Overdenture Treatment

Use the links below to learn more about the overdenture options that you may discuss with your Dental Practitioner.

Am I a Candidate?

Only your Dental Clinician can recommend the best treatment to replace your missing teeth. Thanks to advancements in dental implant technology and clinical techniques, many people are now candidates for implant-retained overdentures.


What People are Saying

“No longer have to live with dentures that don't fit. Love this company!”

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