Retention for Replacement Teeth

InPlace is a variety of comprehensive treatment options for overdentures. In many cases, these options exclusively feature the LOCATOR® Attachment to secure overdentures to dental implants. Unlike other attachment solutions, LOCATOR®  incorporates unique, patented technology offering a variety of benefits including those listed below.

During your consultation, your Dental Clinician will discuss the InPlace treatment option that is right for you. Depending on your unique scenario, it may include one of the overdenture treatment options mentioned on this website. The end result will be more natural and functional, long-term teeth.

About Pacific Dental Specialties (PDS)

Pacific Dental Specialties (PDS) was formed in August 2007. PDS is an Australasian independent dental supply company positioned to bring unique, innovative solutions to the Australasian market at the best market price.

PDS do not just sell products – we offer clients solutions. All our products are unique and are sourced to customer requests and feedback or gaps identified in the market.

PDS is located in both Australia and New Zealand, allowing customers to receive timely service and support locally.

Benefits of LOCATOR®

More Natural Jaw Movement During Chewing

Adjustable Levels of Overdenture Retention

Self Aligning Design

Locator’s® Extremely Low Height

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