Benefits of LOCATOR®

Denture Is Secure During Chewing

The LOCATOR® pivoting technology allows your overdenture to “pivot” side-to-side and front-to-back simultaneously while you chew, without losing its connection to the implants.

Adjustable Levels of Overdenture Retention:

Nylon males are installed into your overdenture by your Dental Clinician. These males are available with different levels of retention to match the ease of overdenture placement and removal with your physical abilities. This feature also ensures that your overdenture fits comfortably and securely.


Self Aligning Design:

The LOCATOR® is the only attachment on the market that is designed to self-align when seating the overdenture on the implant. It is able to do this because the LOCATOR® Male is able to pivot inside the denture cap.


LOCATOR’S® Extremely Low Height:

The LOCATOR® Attachment has the lowest height on the market, significantly different than other attachments such as O-Ball attachments. This low height makes it much more comfortable when the denture is removed.


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